MT310s2: a reference meter in a class of its own

With our Series 2 range, we are bringing you the future of meter testing today. Even safer. Even greater precision. And even more versatile. Thanks to its modular design, the MT310s2 can also adapt optimally to future demands. ZERA Series 2 reference meters are a safe investment for guaranteeing the best measurement quality.


the MT310s2

First-class results

• Working standard
• Reference meter
• Class 0.1

Optimal mains conditions

• Non-sinusoidal load
• Non-linear load
• Neutral current flow

Maximum measurement reliability

• 4 x voltage U1-3, UAUX, UN
• 3 x current I1-3
• 4 x clamps CTL1-L3, CTAUX
• Overvoltage category CAT IV

Quality that is future-proof

• Device expandable
   by using modules
• Reference meter class 0.05
   (from 2019)

Zera Series 2 in action

Watch our clip for more details

The new Series 2 from ZERA



  • 4 x voltage input
           U1, U2, U3, UAUX, UN
  • 3 x current input
           I1, I2, I3
  • 4 x current input
          CTL1, CTL2, CTL3, CTAUX
  • Overvoltage category
          CAT IV

Technical data

  • Working standard
  • Reference meter
  • Class 0.1 directly, or
  • Class 0.2 via current clamp
  • Non-sinusoidal load (150 kHz)
  • Non-linear load
          (switched mode power supply)
  • Neutral current flow

In the pipeline

  • Modular design: Device
           expandable by using modules
           for extra interfaces, battery
           pack and so on.
  • Smart-meter installations
  • Testing of communication
  • Class 0.05 reference meter
          (from 2019)

ZERA Series 2 – The new generation of meter testing

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